Discourse Given to Chongnyon Jonwi, Organ of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, on the Fifth Anniversary of the Youth Day August 24, 1996

Today all our young men and women, full of confidence in victory, are celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Youth Day with a high sense of pride and honour of being the young vanguard who carry forward the noble, revolutionary cause of Juche.

Youth Day is a revolutionary festival that demonstrates our young people’s determination and will to safeguard and add brilliance to the great achievements of the respected leader Comrade Kim II] Sung for the youth movement and to develop this movement onto a new, higher stage under the Party’s leadership.

The destiny of the revolution and the future of the country and nation depend on how the rising generation, the young people who represent the future, are educated, trained and prepared. Under the wise guidance of the great leader Comrade Kim II Sung, the young people of Korea traversed a glorious road of struggle for their country and revolution, a proud road of victory, and created the brilliant new history of the Juche-oriented youth movement.

Carrying forward and developing the glorious traditions of this movement is a noble duty our young men and women have now assumed before the present times and the revolution. Advancing along the road of Juche illuminated by the great Comrade Kim II Sung is the way for the Korean youth movement to acquire an unconquerable strength and a broad vista, and for our young people to experience honour and happiness and look forward to a bright future. All our young men and women must successfully fulfil their mission and duties as the young vanguard and as the successors to


the revolution in the struggle to accomplish the Juche revolutionary cause in loyal support of our Party’s leadership. By so doing they will exalt the honour of the Korean youth and display their revolutionary mettle.

The great leader Comrade Kim I] Sung pioneered and led the Juche-oriented youth movement in Korea.

He opened up a new epoch in the youth movement of our country and led it to develop vigorously along absolutely correct lines. From the first days of his revolutionary activities he regarded the youth question as an important matter vital to the success in the revolution and the destiny of the nation. On the strength of his outstanding thought and leadership he gave intelligent guidance to the youth movement and attained imperishable accomplishments.

On the basis of his Juche idea the great leader Comrade Kim II Sung newly explained the young people’s position and role in carrying out the revolution, developed original ideas and theories on youth movements and brilliantly translated them into the youth movement in our country.

The Juche youth movement pioneered and led by Comrade Kim I] Sung is an absolutely revolutionary movement in that it struggles for the people’s independence under the leadership of the working-class party, trains young men and women to become the vanguard of the revolution and construction and heirs to the revolutionary cause, and ensures that they fulfil their mission and role.


On the basis of the principles of the Juche idea, Comrade Kim II Sung defined young people as a fresh militant contingent that constitutes the driving force of the revolution, a powerful force that propels social progress. Young people aspire after the new, love justice and truth and have the fighting spirit and stamina to put their decisions into practice, unafraid of sacrifice. Because of these excellent qualities they are the most enterprising and vigorous contingent in transforming society and harnessing nature and can play an active pioneering role in the revolution and construction.

Comrade Kim I] Sung viewed young people as successors to the revolutionary cause and instructed that they were to be entrusted with the honourable mission of taking over and continuing the revolution. Young people are the new generation that represents the future. It is the young people and none other that should give continuity to the lifeline of the revolution and take its future on their shoulders. In order to continue to advance vigorously and accomplish the revolutionary cause, which is carried on from generation to generation, the young people must inherit the revolutionary spirit of the previous generation, safeguard and develop the results of the struggle of their predecessors and win fresh victories without interruption.

Comrade Kim II Sung regarded revolutionary education and training of the younger generation as the key to the solution of the youth question and stressed this work as the main task of the youth movement.

Young people are in their ideological and mental adolescence. This is an important period when they shape their outlook on the world. How the young people develop


and which direction the youth movement takes depend on how the young people are guided, educated and trained. If they are given correct leadership and revolutionary education and training, they can be moulded into a revolutionary generation. If not, they will tread the path to reaction, corruption and degeneration, the path that obstructs social development. If the youth movement of our times is to be a revolutionary one, it must receive the leadership of the working-class party and its leader and serve the masses’ cause of independence. Without this leadership and without revolutionary education it would be impossible for the young people to acquire revolutionary consciousness, or become organized into a strong revolutionary force fighting for the masses’ cause of independence, or play their role as a new revolutionary generation. The idea that the working-class party should take a grip on youth work and educate and train young people on revolutionary lines is fundamental to the question of youth in our country.

The idea and theory of the Juche-oriented youth movement, as elucidated by the great leader Comrade Kim II Sung, form a guideline that must be adhered to in developing the youth movement in the age of independence. The idea and theory are new ones distinguishing themselves from the previous theory, one that confined youth and students to the role of a bridge leading to the enlightenment of the masses and guiding them to the revolutionary movement, a theory that viewed young people as an auxiliary to the revolutionary force. Thanks to the original idea and theory of the youth movement evolved by Comrade Kim II] Sung, the youth movement has developed into a mass movement embracing


broad and different sections of the young population and opened a new chapter of history in its development as a powerful component of the revolutionary cause to realize the independence of the masses.

Throughout the years of his leadership over our revolution the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung made a point of training young people along revolutionary lines and of enhancing their role in the revolution and construction. He consistently followed the policy of giving importance to young people.

He started out with work among young people in his revolutionary activities and pioneered the path of the Korean revolution through the youth movement. He awakened those young people who were not affected by outmoded ideological trends to their mission and duty to their country and revolution. He formed them into revolutionary organizations and persuaded them to commit themselves to the revolutionary struggle for the independence of the masses. Under his energetic guidance and revolutionary education, a large number of young communists emerged from the new generation to form the backbone of the revolution against the Japanese and to play the vanguard role in the sacred war of national liberation. The great leader Comrade Kim II Sung treasured young people and trained them into genuine communist revolutionaries in the bloody anti-Japanese war. The exploit and the experience he gained in the course of it, are the precious legacy of our revolution and a highly valuable foundation for the development of the Korean youth movement.

Under the wise leadership of the great leader Comrade


Kim I] Sung, our youth movement reached a new stage after liberation. Comrade Kim II Sung clearly indicated the road to be followed by liberated Korean youth. He proposed the line of building a mass youth organization, thus uniting young people from all walks of life in a single youth organization under the banner of building a new country. By doing so he made it possible to prevent the disruption of the youth movement and enabled young people from all social strata to turn out as one in the building of a new society despite a very complicated situation. Comrade Kim II Sung set it as an important task of the youth movement to train young people into ideologically sound and_ well-qualified builders of socialism in conformity with the in-depth development of the revolution and construction. He gave wise guidance to persuade young people to temper themselves still more through ideological education, organizational life and actual revolutionary activities, and ensured that the youth league satisfactorily carried out its duty and played its role as an organization for ideological education.

The politics of attaching great importance to young people pursued by the great leader Comrade Kim II] Sung was based on his noble love for and trust in them and on his firm belief in the future of the country and the revolution.

The respected Comrade Kim II Sung always dearly loved young people, firmly believed in them and spared nothing in his efforts on their behalf. When discussing important affairs of the Party and state and putting forward even a single policy, Comrade Kim Il Sung first considered the aspirations and requirements of young people and saw to it that their ideals and wishes were realized. He did everything


possible to train young people into becoming stalwart pillars of the country and the masters of the future. Immediately after liberation, when times were hard in our country and we had to carry out many tasks to build the country, Comrade Kim II Sung ensured that a university and a school for the bereaved children of revolutionaries were built immediately for the rising generation. During the grim Fatherland Liberation War, so decisive of the destiny of the country, he looked into the future of our victorious country and summoned the former students fighting on the front line back to the university to resume their studies. These unprecedented facts alone clearly show how much he treasured young people. Comrade Kim I] Sung said that training young people to be ideologically and morally sound is the greatest proof of love for them. When modern revisionists were creating illusions about imperialism and corrupting the rising generation both ideologically and morally, he put all his efforts into intensifying anti-imperialist and anti-revisionist education as well as revolutionary education, so that our children and youth were not infected by evil ideas and trends. The slogan “Love the future!” was the revolutionary creed of Comrade Kim I] Sung, who with firm belief in the prospect of the revolution and in the future devoted all his life to the future and to our younger generation. This slogan reflects Comrade Kim I] Sung’s noble intention and his great personality. Thanks to his paternal love and deep solicitude, our young people were able to grow into the new generation of genuine masters of the future, possessing unyielding revolutionary spirit and noble moral traits. It is also thanks to his love and care that the excellent traits of young people, who are full of


stamina and ardour, love justice and remain open to all that is new, were given full play in the struggle for the independence of the masses.

Indeed, the respected leader Comrade Kim I] Sung was the great father of our children and youth who, through his affection for them, trained them in a revolutionary way and gave his all to the rising generation. He was the best model of a communist revolutionary.

Comrade Kim II Sung attached great importance to the question of youth in the revolution and construction and saw that special effort was put into preparing them as the heirs to the revolution. The intelligence and far-sightedness of his leadership are seen ever more clearly in the history of the socialist movement. In the days when the question of the replacement of one generation by another was not as yet put to the fore in carrying out the socialist cause, Comrade Kim Il Sung intelligently foresaw the key importance of the education and training of the third and fourth generations of the revolution in carrying forward and accomplishing the Juche cause. He put great effort into getting the third and fourth generations of the revolution to follow the noble revolutionary spirit and loyalty to the revolution of the first and second generations. Thanks to Comrade Kim I] Sung’s far-sighted leadership, a sure guarantee has been provided in our country for the socialist cause to advance vigorously through the generations. In many countries that had been building socialism, the socialist cause encountered twists and turns and met with frustration. This is mainly because in the past these countries neglected the revolutionary education and training of their young people, and as a result, there was no


preparation of reliable reserves of the revolution who would succeed to the first and second generations.

Under the intelligent guidance of the great leader Comrade Kim II Sung, the Korean youth movement has advanced dynamically along the road of Juche, and our young people have performed lasting exploits for the country and the revolution, for our times and history.

The history of our revolution abounds with stories of the heroic struggle and great achievements of the youth for the Party and the revolution, for the country and the people. It was young people who took the lead in winning victory in the great anti-Japanese war for national restoration and in saving the country and the nation from distress. It was also young people who fought heroically during the Fatherland Liberation War to safeguard the freedom and independence of their country by sacrificing their lives. Our young people demonstrated their honour as shock brigades in building a socialist country of independence, self-sustenance and self-reliant defence, starting from scratch in a land where not a single unbroken brick remained. There were many difficulties and trials in the course of our unprecedentedly arduous revolution. Each time they cropped up, our youth staunchly safeguarded the Party and the leader; they were the first to support and implement the Party’s intentions and ideas. In our revolutionary history, young people have never been a burden to the Party. They have always been loyal to the Party and have taken the lead in implementing its lines and policies.

The red banner of our Party is imbued with the precious blood of our youth, who steadily traversed the revolutionary road to follow the Party and unhesitatingly


gave up their lives. The great victories our Party and people have gained in the revolutionary struggle and construction work are associated with the brilliant exploits and achievements of our young men and women.

Today the character traits of our young people are highly laudable. They regard it as the highest honour and revolutionary duty to return the love and trust of the Party and the leader by remaining faithful and filial, as befits all true sons and daughters. They are the young vanguard of our Party who uphold the Party’s leadership loyally by rallying firmly around the Party with one mind and purpose and who carry out the aims and wishes of the Party without fail, even going through fire and water if necessary. They trust and follow only our Party in any adversity, defend it with their lives ahead of all others and breathe and move in accordance with its ideas and intentions. Even in the severe situation in which socialism is experiencing trials in the international arena and imperialists are carrying out anti-socialist and anti-DPRK manoeuvres more intensely than ever before, they continue to follow the road of socialism steadfastly under the leadership of the Party, while holding aloft the red flag of the revolution. Our young soldiers, who had been set adrift from their posts and had floated to the enemy area against their will by an unexpected calamity, stood up to the enemy with courage by remaining unperturbed in the face of intimidation and appeasement, demonstrating the mettle of the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army who are equal to a hundred foes. They returned proudly to the embrace of the Party and the socialist motherland. This is a clear proof of the revolutionary faith and indefatigably militant spirit of our youth. Our young people have acquired true zeal for devoted


service to their motherland and their fellow citizens, for their society and collective, and they have developed a deep love and feeling of obligation for their comrades. They also set great store by the revolutionary conscience and have a strong sense of justice. They volunteer before others for difficult and toilsome posts in socialist construction and they are models of communist virtue in our society. Unfailing faithfulness to the Party and the leader, the spirit of devoted service to the motherland and fellow people, noble moral obligation for the revolutionary forerunners and comrades, a strong sense of organization and discipline, diligence and simplicity—these are the characteristics of the young people of Korea who have been educated and trained by the great leader and great Party.

Our young people are well prepared also in the fields of culture and technology. Having experienced the advantages of the 11-year compulsory free education, thanks to the benefit of the state, all our young men and women have acquired high cultural and technical standards, and a large proportion of the promising scientists and technicians in our ranks of intellectuals are young people of the rising generation.

That our youth has grown up to be a powerful, militant force in our revolution and the successor to the cause of socialism is a great and invaluable achievement of the respected leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. Having a revolutionary and militant body of young people educated and trained by him is a source of great pride for our Party and people. Because of these fine young people, our Party and country are powerful and our revolution is ever-victorious.


Our Party, inheriting the great leader Comrade Kim II Sung’s idea of cherishing our young people, loves and treasures them dearly. It has proposed, as one important strategic policy in carrying forward and consummating the revolutionary cause of Juche, to develop the youth movement even further and to enhance the role of young people.

“Love the youth!”-this is a new slogan our Party advanced to instil strength and confidence in young people and bring them up to be a great driving force of the revolution, upholding the noble aims of the respected Comrade Kim I] Sung. In pursuance of our Party’s ideas and intentions, as expressed in this slogan, our young people, the Party and our people should implement in a thoroughgoing way the Party’s policy of developing the youth movement and enhancing the role of young people.

Today our revolution is at a historic turning point and our youth movement has entered a new stage of its development.

As required by our developing revolution and youth movement, our Party adopted an important measure of renaming the League of Socialist Working Youth Kim I] Sung Socialist Youth League. To have named our youth organization after the great Comrade Kim II Sung is an event of historic importance in the development of the youth movement in our country, a source of the greatest honour and pride for our young people. This historic


measure is a vivid reflection of the unshakeable will of our Party and the unanimous desire of our young people to defend and add glory to the undying exploits performed by the great Comrade Kim II Sung for the development of the youth movement. It shows the desire of our young people to inherit and carry on his cause through posterity, despite the change of generations in the revolution.

Our youth league should remain eternally the youth organization of the great leader Comrade Kim II Sung, and the youth movement in our country should develop along the road he indicated to be a Juche-oriented youth movement. Defending and adding lustre to the ideas and theories on the youth movement that he expounded and the great achievements he made for the development of the movement is the way for the Kim I Sung Socialist Youth League and all young people to fulfil their honourable mission and duty and to attain their ideals and aspirations.

All our young men and women should fully prepare themselves to be the Party’s young vanguard and successors to the revolution who carry forward the revolutionary cause of Juche. Moreover, as befitting a generation waging revolution and struggle, they should learn more, work more zealously and strive with redoubled effort. They should live out their youth in a worthwhile manner and with honour.

Young people should become the faithful, filial sons and daughters of the Party and the leader.

Unconditional faithfulness to the Party and the leader is a basic trait our young people should acquire.

Comrade Kim I] Sung is the eternal leader of our Party, our people and our revolution and the Sun of mankind the


people across the world revere. His cause, the revolutionary cause of Juche, is the sacred cause he pioneered and led to victory, the most just cause of the revolution that blazes a trail for the consummation of the masses’ cause of independence. His revolutionary idea is the eternal guiding ideology of our Party and revolution and the revolutionary banner of our era. His revolutionary achievements are the etemal cornerstone of our revolution, the common revolutionary wealth of mankind.

Revering the great leader Comrade Kim I] Sung eternally and inheriting his cause loyally is the revolutionary duty of our young people, their highest form of moral obligation and their greatest honour and pride.

All our young men and women should become communist revolutionaries of the Juche type who are equipped with his revolutionary idea, the Juche idea, and have the Juche-oriented revolutionary outlook on the world. Our young people of today and all the youth of future generations should revere him as the great leader and great father, defend his idea and achievements and champion his cause with single-hearted faithfulness and filial piety.

Safeguarding our Party and following its leadership with loyalty is a fundamental guarantee for inheriting and consummating with success Comrade Kim I] Sung’s cause, the revolutionary cause of Juche.

Our Party’s leadership is the lifeline of our youth movement and young people. Only under its leadership can the youth movement advance in a straight line along the road of Juche, fulfil its mission and role and carve out the destiny and future of the young people with honour.

With the thoroughgoing conviction that they know only


our Party and none other, all our young men and women must believe in and follow our Party, entrust their destiny and future to it, follow the road it indicates and unite with it as one. The ranks of our youth should become our Party’s militant spearhead, defending it in the van and carrying out its ideas and policies while rallied firmly around it.

Young people must be the staunch champions, powerful builders and reliable defenders of socialism who are safeguarding and developing our socialism of Juche.

The revolutionary cause of our Party and people is the cause of socialism, and our socialism of Juche is the great gain of our revolution. Our socialism, established by the great leader Comrade Kim I] Sung, is a people-centred socialism in which the Juche idea has been embodied, as well as the socialism for national independence. Our socialism of Juche is the most invincible, advantageous form of socialism, in which the masses are the masters of everything and everything serves them, a socialism that thoroughly defends and guarantees the independence of the country and nation.

The destiny of socialism is the destiny of the country and people and the destiny of its young people. Our young men and women are a proud generation born in the socialist motherland, who have grown up enjoying real happiness and a worthy life. Our socialist motherland is the cradle for the happiness of the rising generation, and only on the road of socialism can their hope and future come into bloom. Where socialism degenerates and the trend of bourgeois liberalism prevails, the younger generation is the first to become ideologically and mentally unsound and to lead a decadent life. Where socialism collapses and capitalism is


restored, the rising generation becomes the most wretched victim and falls into the most miserable condition. This is proved by the history and reality of many countries where socialism has become degenerate and collapsed and capitalism has returned.

Socialism is the ideal of the masses who are fighting for independence, as well as the future of mankind. Socialism in our country has traversed the road full of victory and glory under the guidance of the great leader and the great Party, and is advancing steadily even in today’s grave situation, demonstrating its power. Our youth must be proud of Juche-oriented socialism in our country and hold a firmer conviction in its superiority and invincibility. Capitalist society is the society of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, where money is omnipotent and in which people become more corrupt and demoralized every day. Young people must be clearly aware of the anti-people character and depravity of capitalist society, and thoroughly reject any illusions about capitalism. All our young men and women must have a firm belief in our socialism of Juche; they must carry out their responsibility and play their role to the fullest in championing, building and defending socialism.

Defending socialism resolutely is an honourable task of the youth of our country. Nowadays, owing to the pernicious anti-socialist offensive of the imperialists and the nasty tricks of the betrayers of socialism, socialism is undergoing trials and its image has been seriously damaged. The struggle to safeguard socialism is an acute political and ideological confrontation with the imperialists and with all sorts of enemies of socialism. Originally, socialism was born and


developed in the relentless struggle against its enemies. In our country socialism has been consolidated and has developed into an invincible power in its uncompromising struggle against imperialists, reactionary forces, revisionism and opportunism, and through all kinds of hardships and grave ordeals. Juche-oriented socialism, whose advantage and viability have been verified in the revolutionary practice, has struck deep roots in the minds of our people. Young people must highly value and ardently love our socialism, the lifeblood of our people, and smash every attempt of the imperialists and reactionaries to disintegrate it. They must sharpen their vigilance against infiltration by all manner of anti-socialist ideas and bourgeois modes of life, reject them categorically and staunchly defend the socialist ideology and our socialist system from the abuses, slander and subversive moves of the enemies of socialism. Our young people must oppose non-socialist practices in all spheres of work and life, keep to the socialist principle and order and establish the sound, revolutionary way of work and life more thoroughly. The struggle for socialist construction is the most worthwhile struggle for young people. They must display their youthful strength and wisdom to the full in socialist construction to make their country, their motherland, ever more prosperous and to add lustre to the Juche-oriented socialism. A turbulent situation and _ imperialists’ machinations against socialism and our Republic have laid great obstacles in the building of socialism in our country. Our Party calls upon all the people to surmount the obstacles and difficulties and effect a new upsurge in socialist construction in the spirit of the Arduous March, rallied firmly around the Party. It appeals to young people


to take the lead in this work. Recently the soldiers of the People’s Army, who took part in the construction of the Kumgangsan Power Station, made heroic efforts in extremely difficult conditions, giving full scope to the revolutionary soldier spirit under the slogan “When the Party is determined, we can do anything!” As a result, they carried out the gigantic project for harnessing nature successfully and performed great exploits. The revolutionary spirit displayed by the soldiers of the People’s Army is the spirit to carry out unfailingly the militant task given by the Party with absolute and unconditional loyalty under whatever circumstances. It is the spirit of self-reliance and fortitude with which they carry out any task, however difficult it may be, by their own efforts. It is the self-sacrificing, heroic fighting spirit to dedicate their lives unhesitatingly to the Party and revolution, to their country and people. Our young people must emulate the revolutionary spirit of the soldiers of the People’s Army, bring about miraculous successes and perform brilliant exploits, and become heroes and heroines. No matter in which sector and in what post they may be working for socialist construction, they must always fulfil their tasks responsibly and in an exemplary manner, and exalt their honour as the shock brigade in the struggle to implement the Party’s revolutionary economic strategy. Defending the socialist motherland is the noblest of all duties and the highest honour placed upon the young people. Young people are the main force of the People’s Army. Our reliable young soldiers, who are unfailingly loyal to the Party and revolution, country and people, are now standing at their posts in national defence. Our Party


and people feel secure, with firm confidence in the intense loyalty and unconquerable power of the People’s Army, whereas the enemy fears it more than anything else. All our young people must regard it as the greatest honour to take up arms to protect their country. They must be reliable defenders who support our Party and defend the security of their country and people with arms in hand. Following the examples set by the heroes and heroines who performed great exploits by dedicating their youth and life unhesitatingly to the fight to destroy the aggressors and defend the country during the Fatherland Liberation War, our young people must defend the socialist motherland and prevent any aggressors from threatening the security of our country and people.

The young people must be the vanguard in the struggle for national reunification.

National reunification is the supreme desire of the nation, and the younger generations, as the masters of the country, have to carry the reunified country on their shoulders. Our youth must turn out vigorously in the nationwide struggle to hasten the independent and peaceful reunification of the country. In this struggle all the young Koreans in the north, south and abroad must closely unite. In ardent support of the ten-point programme of the great unity of the whole nation, set forth by the great leader Comrade Kim II Sung, our young people must strengthen unity with the young compatriots in south Korea and abroad and give active support and encouragement to their just patriotic struggle for national reunification.

Our young people must acquire noble moral qualities as true human beings.


True human beings must exhibit not only unstained political and ideological qualities but also noble moral traits. Morality is a major criterion for judging a person’s worth and personality. It has an important effect on social harmony and solidarity and on the unity and cohesion of the revolutionary ranks.

Our young people must cherish loyalty to the Party and leader as their unshakeable revolutionary faith, untainted conscience and noble obligation, and unite solidly behind the Party, not only in ideology and will, but also as a moral obligation. In socialist society, which is based on collectivism, communal interests and needs set the standard for all activities, and devoted service to society and the collective is most valuable and highly moral. Young people must know how to subordinate their individual interests to social and collective interests and display a high sense of loyalty and devotion in the communal labour and activities for society and the collective. They must value their organization, love their comrades and establish a genuine comradeship whereby they help and lead one another forward and firmly unite with each other within the social community and organization.

In their everyday life it is important to observe public morals and rules of etiquette. Young people should be exemplary in keeping the socialist way of life and collectivist rules of life and remain pure in their economic and moral life; they must speak and behave in a cultured and refined fashion and keep their appearance and manners decent. They must properly observe etiquette and morality in all aspects-ranging from respecting revolutionary predecessors and their elders to loving children.


When our young men and women acquire noble mental and moral qualities and put them into practice efficiently in their work and life, they can further demonstrate the proud features of the youth of socialist Korea, animate the entire society and lead the might of our socialism to a higher plane.

Young people must become people of ability equipped with modern science and technology.

Today science and technology are making rapid progress, and they are playing a still more important role in the development of society. Only by developing science and technology rapidly to meet the demand of the present era can we consolidate the power of our independent national economy, further accelerate socialist construction and give full play to the superiority of socialism. Our Party has resolved to raise the science and technology of the country to the advanced level of the world in the near future. In this work it expects a great deal from young people. Bearing in mind the heavy duty entrusted by the country and the people and great expectations of the Party, young people should make energetic efforts to occupy the fortresses of modern science and technology. Every one of the young people of the new generation must be well-learned in modern science and technology and be able to create new techniques. Study and research work must be conducted zealously in one’s youth when one is sensitive and vigorous. A revolutionary atmosphere of study and research should be established among young people so that they all study hard, meditate and research ceaselessly. Young scientists and technicians should adhere to the Juche-oriented stand so as to develop science and


technology to meet the realities of our country and create modern science and technology one after another.

In order to bring up young people to be the young vanguard of our Party and reliable heirs to the revolution, we must strengthen the youth league and enhance its function and role still further.

To meet the practical demand of the youth movement in our country, which is developing onto a new, high stage, the youth league must further consolidate its organizations so that they become militant bodies boundlessly loyal to the Party, having a strong sense of unity and a great ability to organize. The league must make them all lively organizations that conduct the work with young people briskly and in accordance with the Party’s ideas and policies.

In conformity with its duty as an organization for politico-ideological education, the youth league must concentrate its effort on intensifying the organizational and ideological life of its members. If the league neglects to perform its own duty, occupied with campaigns for public functions or social labour, it cannot conduct political and ideological education among young people as it should, nor can it make itself firm and animated. The league must always maintain its basic character as an organization for politico-ideological education and direct its main effort to strengthening ideological education and the organizational life among young people. It must conduct ideological education in various forms and methods and in an original way to meet the demands and mental needs of young people; it must give wide publicity to the ideal communist traits displayed by young people and efficiently organize the work of making them generalized. The life in the revolutionary


organization is the most valuable political and ideological life for youth; through their organizational life our young people receive revolutionary education and add glory to their political integrity. The youth league organizations must organize their life in a proper way and ensure that members participate in the organizational life willingly and sincerely with a high sense of honour and pride in being members of the Kim I] Sung Socialist Youth League.

It is an important requirement of the organizational activity of the youth league to conduct work with the youth independently and actively. Our Party always pays profound attention to fostering the independence of the youth organization and provides all the conditions needed for this. Youth league organizations must further increase independence in their activities and thus creatively plan and conduct work with youth, take the initiative in doing everything and conduct all work actively.

The youth movement in our country is closely connected with progressive youth movements of the world, and the youth league must strive to strengthen the international solidarity of the youth movement. The youth league must develop unity and cooperation with the world’s progressive young people who are seeking independence, in conformity with the ideals of independence, peace and friendship, and must actively support and encourage the youth of all countries in their just struggle for sovereignty, independence, peace and socialism.

The role of educational institutions must be further enhanced in training the youth.

An educational institution is a comprehensive base for the education and edification of youth and children. Today


in our country the rising generations are studying under the universal 11-year compulsory educational system and many young people are receiving education at colleges and universities. If educational institutions do their job properly in educating and edifying adolescents and children, they can train them to be revolutionary talents possessing a revolutionary world outlook as well as scientific and technical knowledge.

Educational institutions must regard the Juche-oriented educational idea and policy of our Party as a firm guide and continue to improve and strengthen educational work in conformity with the mission of socialist education and the requirements of the educational theses, and thus train young students and schoolchildren to become ardent revolutionaries and able adults.

It is very important for institutions of higher learning to give good education to young students. University days are a very important period for a person to shape a revolutionary world outlook and lay the basis for knowledge of modern science and technology. Through university education, national cadres are trained.

Universities and colleges must train our young students into reliable workers who support the Party and bring honour to their socialist country with science and technology. They must devote great efforts to educate students in a revolutionary way and turn them into ardent revolutionaries who will share the fortunes of the Party and faithfully serve the Party and the revolution, the country and the people in any adversity. In addition, they must raise the scientific and theoretical levels of education, establish a revolutionary habit of studying and train all students into


excellent scientists and technicians possessing the scientific and technical knowledge of their specialized fields both in breadth and depth.

Youth organizations and educational institutions are both entrusted with the common duty to train the new generation into revolutionaries loyal to the Party and successors to the Juche revolutionary cause. Therefore the youth league organizations and schools at all levels must give good education and enlightenment to adolescents and children, taking concerted action and pooling their efforts.

The entire Party, state and society must pay attention to the training of young people.

Educating and training them is the work of preparing the coming generation for the revolution and the future of the country. This is the most important task of the previous revolutionary generation. Other work we may leave unfinished, for it can be taken up and furthered by the succeeding generation. But lack of proper training in the younger generation cannot be amended by anyone. It will result in an irretrievably serious situation. When I say that we must live not merely for today but for tomorrow, I mean that we must love the future and struggle for the future generation. All the Party organizations, state bodies and officials must have a correct viewpoint on the problem of younger people, pay close attention to their careful training and put great efforts into this work. We must ensure that our younger generation grows up to be reliable successors to the revolution under the concern, guidance and care of the entire Party, state and society.

Party organizations must further intensify Party guidance in work among the younger people. All the Party


organizations and Party officials must conduct the work of training them on revolutionary lines responsibly, tirelessly and substantially. State bodies and social organizations must work hard to provide the social environment and material and cultural conditions for an efficient political, ideological, scientific, technological and physical training of the younger generation. Families must also pay close attention to the education and edification of their children. In this work state bodies, social organizations, schools and families must, under the guidance of Party organizations, fulfil their responsibility and cooperate with each other.

It is very important in this work to create a revolutionary atmosphere and spirit in society. People are influenced by social climate, and the younger generation in particular is greatly influenced by the surrounding atmosphere. We must thoroughly establish working-class and socialist principles and order in all spheres of state and social lives and ensure that a sound and revolutionary climate prevails throughout society so that the youth and children grow up under a good, revolutionary influence at all times. In addition, we must take thorough measures to protect our youth and children from the infiltration of all sorts of unsound, corrupt and reactionary ideas and cultures.

Our young people are the glorious generation who shape their most splendid future and make a new history of youth movement in the era of independence under the guidance of the great Party. The future of our young people, who are exalting Comrade Kim Il Sung’s idea on the youth movement and the achievements made under his leadership by following our Party, is bright, and the Korean youth movement will always triumph.